Supergirl Press Roundtables

These videos are worth the trip to San Diego ten fold! We have a lot of stories from SDCC this year and we will be sharing them throughout the week but the gem from our trip is easily the press roundtables. Our table had 5 agencies besides ourselves and we all would ask questions of the actors who were SITTING RIGHT ACROSS THE TABLE FROM US! Even more so, a few of the actors recognized our site and logo meaning they have seen our stuff! Talk about getting a burst of energy and pride! We've never felt more humbled and yet proud at the same time! We can say that in the Mehcad Brooks video, he fist pounds our staffer and now famous periscoper, Kelsey, and says he likes our site. Also, when Chyler steps into frame in her video, she acknowledges a person from last night, again this is our staffer Kelsey! Even David Harewood makes a reference, its amazing! This was one of our greatest adventures and we hope these videos help us share the experience with you! Check them out, (all seven!) below:

We may have shared more of our personal feelings getting these videos than the news they have to offer, but if you watch them all, there is some incredibly rich news here! Let us know what you think of the videos in the comments below and in the forum! Also, SDCC was crazy fun but expensive, helps us keep this site advertisement free if you can and visit the support page! Thanks everyone!

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