Supergirl a Risk Worth Taking

The Hollywood Reporter recently covered a piece on Nina Tassler (CBS' President), women in Hollywood, and strong female characters.  The article features many of the leading ladies from CBS' programing and not to be left out Melissa Benoist of course was there. Nina spoke briefly on the risk Supergirl is but why it belongs on the CBS line up:

They also came up with Supergirl, arguably the biggest risk Tassler has taken since Viva Laughlin (you remember — or maybe you don't — the Las Vegas musical drama that lasted all of two episodes). A tweeny twist on the DC superhero (played by Melissa Benoist) arriving on CBS this fall — produced by Greg Berlanti (Arrow, The Flash) and Ali Adler (Glee) — Supergirl looks like an awkward fit for a network with the oldest viewership on the dial (average age: 59).

"There are themes and aspects [of Supergirl] that define the classic CBS leading lady," insists Tassler, defending the show's place on her lineup. "She is embracing her potential. She's juggling a lot of responsibility. I mean, she has to save the planet, but she also has a career.

0197 risk worth taking

We suppose is some regard CBS didn't seem like the first choice for Supergirl to land but its never been a negative in our book. In fact, because CBS is doing Supergirl, we get larger budgets ($14 Million for the pilot) and more potential growth.

Special thanks to our user "Kelly" for pointing this story out to us, thanks!

Do you guys have any worries about Supergirl being on CBS? Do you think being on CBS Supergirl will gain the right audience it needs? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or hit up our forum and start the conversation!

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