Here's what we know so far. When comic con begins we will have a lot more. Read on only if you want to know spoilers on season 5!

  1. Lena sells Catco: You might remember that Lena bought Catco from Cat's trust for her friendship with Kara. Now that Lena knows who Kara really is, it looks like she isn't being very friendly. A known DC Character will be the owner.
  2. Andrea Rojas aka Acrata: is actually the new owner of Catco. She is looking turn Catco into a more successful media firm by covering gala events and tweeting more. DC Comics fans will recognize that name as the hero Acrata. Acrata is a Mexican superhero who uses an ancient Mayan symbol to teleport through shadows. Its unknown if this iteration of the character will have powers.
  3. Kara Wins the Pulitzer: Of course, Kara's investigative work on Lex Luthor leads to her winner the highest prize in journalism.
  4. Another Prize Winning Journalist Joins the Staff: There is a call out for a male journalist to join the Catco staff. This person will have local ties and will help move the company forward in their social media focus transition.