spoilers season3 episode16Title: Of Two Minds

Directed By: Alexandra La Roche

Air Date: April 30th, 2018

Written By: Gabriel Llanas & Anna Musky-Goldwyn

Official Description: SUPERGIRL AND IMRA MUST WORK TOGETHER TO STOP THE THIRD WORLDKILLER – Supergirl and Imra have different ideas on how to stop the third Worldkiller, Pestilence. However, when both Alex and Winn are seriously injured by Pestilence, Supergirl and Imra team up to stop the destruction.

Reoccurring Cast: Imra (Amy Jackson)

Guest Stars: 

Special Notes: Also, according to set photos, it looks like Mon-El will be adorning the famous red suit again this episode! See below:

spoilers season3 episode16

spoilers season3 episode16b