spoilers season3 episode10Title: The Legion of Superheroes

Directed By: Jesse Warn

Air Date: January 15th, 2018

Written By: Derek Simon & Eric Carrasco

Official Description: MEET THE LEGION – Struggling to heal from her injuries inflicted by Reign, Supergirl remains in a dreamlike state, unable to be reached. Mon-El recruits one of the Legion members, Brainiac-5, to try to bring her back. Meanwhile, Reign continues her rampage on the city so the DEO teams up with the Legion of Superheroes to try to stop her.

Reoccurring Cast:

Guest Stars: Brainiac 5 (Jesse Rath) | Saturn Girl (Amy Jackson)

Special Notes: In a radio interview that Amy Jackson did with BBC, she noted that the Legion would be utilizing their flight rings, as well as "suiting up" meaning that we should get to see Saturn Girl, Mon-El and Brainiac 5 all in their Legion costumes at some point this episode!