Something Bizarre Coming

Spoiler warning ahead, however, large media is running with this too. Andrew Kreisberg, Executive Producer of Supergirl and General of the DC TV universe, sat down with Kevin Smith on his podcast, "Fatman on Batman" to discuss Supergirl. Just in passing Kreisberg mentioned that Supergirl would be going up against Toyman (as we know in episode 10) and Bizarro! Wait what? Did Kreisberg say Bizarro? Now we don't know which incarnation of Bizarro this will be, Supergirl or Superman, but being that the show is titled, Supergirl, our money is Kara is going to face a Bizarre version of herself before season one comes to a close.

This is a nice bit of news considering tomorrow we would be looking forward to a new episode yet that is still two weeks away. What do you think of the news of a Bizarro coming to Supergirl? Share your thoughts in the comments below as well as the forum!

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