Solitude: Episode 15 Recap

Cape vs capeless, full Kryptonian suit vs mid-drift top, dirty blonde/light brown vs true blonde its the match of the century! Supergirl vs Indigo, Melissa Benoist vs Laura Vandervoort, current Supergirl vs Past Supergirl! We have been waiting for this since we heard Laura was interested in being on the show! Indigo certainly brought the pain and her costume was amazing! Beyond that, here are a few other things we thought were amazing from "Solitude".

  1. Alex and J'onn Fight: Looks like the fight scenes have gotten better for everyone not just Supergirl! Alex was kicking J'onn's butt until he went all Martian on her! We loved the scene and the quick reminder that Hank is actually J'onn!
  2. First Appearance of Indigo: We really enjoyed that we got to see Laura Vandervoort without the makeup and suit as well as in her trendy new costume. Laura looked great just like she did in Smallville then we get to see Indigo! It kind of made us feel like it was a true Supergirl vs Supergirl!
  3. Learning More About Siobhan: It was nice to see a little bit more about Siobhan! Her story about her dad and walking in on him was our first clue into who she is and where her motivations are. It also seemed fitting that she revealed it to Winn. He has always had that approachable feel.
  4. Fortress of Solitude: This made us freaking slam our computer keyboard with glee! That was so cool seeing the dwarf star key and the Legion of Superheroes ring! We heard there might be a visit from the Legion in either Supergirl or Legends of Tomorrow but with that ring we are thinking its Supergirl! We even loved seeing Kelex again! The fortress was awesome!
  5. Second fight between Indigo and Supergirl: Seeing more of Supergirl's powers used in conjunction with other powers is really showing off how a Kryptonian could fight. Her super speed is pretty awesome and we are loving seeing it used more and more! On top of all of that, Laura Vandervoort's Indigo had some moves!
  6. Indigo linked Fort Razz with Supergirl's Ship: It was intriguing to find out how Supergirl escaped the Phantom Zone and why she is tied to Fort Razz. We knew that explanation was coming but it makes so much more sense now that Indigo did it!
  7. Siobhan and Winn: Oh wow, too much fun! Winn shows up on an emotional high after hacking Indigo into oblivion and so riding this high he walks right up to Siobhan. He lends her a hand when she clearly needed one and then BAM next thing you know they are making out! LOL amazing.
  8. James and Lucy: This needed to happen. While it was a good way to pause the James and Kara relationship troubles, Lucy was always just a fill in for Kara. Now James is free to make his feelings known. Lucy working at CatCo. does allow the character to stick around though which we love because Lucy is a great addition we think! Very curious where this goes from here.
  9. Alex tells Kara: This, in our opinion, was the best scene we've seen in this show! Chyler Leigh showed some serious acting abilities. The way Kara took it was incredible, she was hurt, she wanted to walk out but she couldn't leave her grieving sister just standing there crying. When J'onn made for the door to give the sisters time, Kara reaching out for him was perfect! None of these people are from the same planet yet there is this family standing in the middle of the D.E.O. We were really moved by the symbolism of that. Really a high caliber show that explores all kinds of relationships.
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All in all we weren't sure if this episode was going to register as high with us as some of the others but it has quickly become one of our top 3. That final scene with Alex, J'onn and Kara was the perfect scene, really just something incredible to see! WOW

Oh and lets not forget, is this the Omegahedron?! Also, we know where that ring came from! Do you?

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What did you think of episode 15? Were you as moved as we were? Let us know in the comments below and in the forum!

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