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New England Super Megafest's was last weekend and apparently it had something for everyone. What does that mean for us Supergirl fans? Helen Slater was there and had some good comments on the Supergirl show! In an interview with, Slater had this to say:

I'm in the pilot and I have a contract as a guest star, which means they can use me as much as they want.

Slater went on to speak about the producers and Melissa Benoist:

Greg Berlanti does 'The Flash' and 'Arrow.' He's such a smart writer. It was such a joy to do the pilot. My fingers are crossed that it goes well because they have a great cast. The girl playing Supergirl, Melissa Benoist, is fantastic. When I met her, we did the reading and she was fabulous. She did not need any advice at all. She's sparkling and funny and delightful. She's going to be awesome.

Well what do you think of that! Exciting news there. Sounds like Helen Slater could be coming on the show often! Especially if she is to play Supergirl's adoptive mother Sylvia Danvers like we've heard. Thanks to Mark HB for tipping us off to this article.

What do you think of Helen being on the show more? Since she is likely Kara's adoptive mother Syliva, does that mean we can expect more Dean Cain too! We certainly hope so! Let us hear your comments below or hit up our fan forum or awesome discussions!

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