Sky 1 Supergirl Promo Found

Well if you needed any evidence of just how fresh this deal with CBS, Warner Brothers and Sky 1 is, this newest Sky 1 promo speaks volumes. While we really love this promo, the music, the song, the cuts, the action ... its clear the logo hasn't made it over the ocean yet. Sky's animation team did a great job making a really cool 3D \S/ animation, but the rounded end of the S is incorrect, Supergirl's \S/ has a squared off end. Regardless, we found this promo quite enjoyable and for the first time, we are excited to show our United States fans something from the over seas Supergirl media rather than our over seas fans, something from the U.S. enjoy:

If they squared off that \S/ in the animation, this would have been our favorite 3D treatment. Its so bright and shiny like the show. What did you think of the UK's first Supergirl trailer? Share your feelings with us in the comments below and in the forum. Also, as we have been doing on all our recent posts, please visit our sites events post and see what all we have going for you here at the site!

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