Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

Cyborg Superman was dominating our thoughts this week and we are sure it was dominating yours. Speaking of dominating, the Dominators are coming next week! So excited! But enough of that, tonight's episode has some major reveals going into the second to last episode before winter break. There were quite a few things that made an impact, here's what stood out to us:

  1. James & Winn at the Alien Bar: It was pretty funny watching Winn and James defend Guardian at the alien bar. Then Kara mentions another masked vigilante her cousin worked with, Batman anyone? Even James' reaction to the aliens, being "exotic" was hilarious!
  2. J'onn's Reaction to M'Gann's Visit: Throughout the entire first season, J'onn was a very emotionally closed off person. He held the Danvers sisters close to his heart and shared some special moments with them but we never saw him giddy at the sight of someone. That was his reaction to seeing M'Gann. Clearly the white martian blood is doing something to him but it was good to see him smile.
  3. Supergirl Talks With J'onn: Kara giving J'onn advice about family was another banner moment for the show. Incredibly acted and very purposeful. Again, the greatest power Supergirl has is to inspire others, and in this season Supergirl is doing that for even J'onn.
  4. Hank Henshaw vs Supergirl: Great fight scene and incredibly choreographed. We want to make this distinction right off the bat though. Supergirl's first punch on Hank was incredibly held back. You have to remember she was expecting to incapacitate a human. In the comics its been said that if she used her full strength a human's head wouldn't even separate from the body, it would be ... well you get the point. Also of note, the CG work for Cyborg Superman was INCREDIBLE!
  5. NTH Metal: We believe this was the first reference of an alien race that exists in both the Flash, Arrow, Legends universe and Supergirl's universe. We know there are doppelgangers but this could be the first mention of that between Supergirl's Earth and the Flash/Arrow/Legends Earth. Its the little details like this that add that extra spice for hardcore comics fans.
  6. Solar Flare: Very cool! Just very cool! The call back to the Red Tornado fight (one of the best moments in the series), the duplicitous nature of the request just to get Supergirl's DNA. Even exposing Mon-El's weakness to lead. This scene had a lot packed into it and moved the story forward quite a bit!
  7. Phillip Karnowsky: Ok DC Super fans, does this name sound familiar? It is an important one for Maggie Sawyer fans from the comics. He uses high tech armor to commit his crimes and ends up loosing an arm in a fight with Maggie Sawyer.
  8. Jeremiah Danvers to the Rescue: YEAHHHHH! We were shouting at the TV when he showed up! Gosh when he shows up, the feelings start coming. He said he needed to stay at Cadmus and that he would be ok, we are wondering if he was enhanced in some way like Hank Henshaw was.
  9. J'onn vs M'gann: This was especially hard to watch, not because it wasn't amazing but we kept thinking about how J'onn acted in the beginning of the episode. How happy and sweet he was. To be driven that mad so quickly, wow. Great acting too by David Harewood and Sharon Leal! Pivotal scene!

Final wrap up, this set a lot of things in motion! J'onn is turning into a White Martian, Mon-El is interested in Kara, Alex and Maggie repair their friendship, and Hank Henshaw still damaged by Kara is in the Fortress of Solitude!!! WOW!

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