Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

Ever since we found out this episode was going to take place on actual Halloween, we've been thinking how we were going to start our recap article. The ever so familiar phrasing of "on a very special Halloween episode of Supergirl" keeps rolling around our heads. But true enough, it is Halloween and Supergirl continues to charge forward with its 4th episode on the CW. This episode showed us the debut of Dichen Lachman who carries with her a very large fan following, (something that only helps boosts the show), as well as more Mon-El and Maggie Sawyer times! Here are the items that stood out to us:

  1. M'Gann and J'onn: Still not sure just how "on the level" M'Gann is but much of that is due to our affinity to the Young Justice TV Show where, Spoiler Alert of Young Justice, M'Gann was a white martian, not a green one. Either way, M'gann's debut gives so much to J'onn's story which is one of the aspects of season 2 we were looking forward to the most.
  2. Mon-El and Winn: We are absolutely loving what the show's writers are doing with Winn this season. They have put him in the best spots and just as Jeremy Jordan himself has said, Winn is the audiences mouth piece on the show. He literally is saying what we are thinking if we were there. The two's "bro" moment while out at the bar was hilarious! Really a gem of this episode!
  3. Sawyer and Danvers: We phrase it like that because it's too cute how they both refer to each other by their last names. Certainly a good chemistry is building there. They "clean up nicely" and still are extremely strong and deadly.
  4. Kara and "The Chief": Kara comes bursting into the newsroom and says she's got a story! She called Snapper, Chief! We had flashes of the Daily Planet and Perry White. While Kara's profession is very Clark Kent paralleling, its fun to watch the evolution from Kara's point of view!
  5. M'Gann Sells Out J'onn: WOW, we did not see this coming! It was certainly surprising that M'Gann would sell out J'onn to Roulette. This version of M'Gann is not nearly as innocent as the one from Young Justice. She seriously has a self-preservation attitude that is prevalent over her sweetness.
  6. Lena and Kara: Lena's presence on this show is growing on us more and more. There is a great Luthor feel coming from Katie McGrath's version of Lena. She is quick to befriend, nice and charming, yet there is maybe 5% of her that is devious and you just can't pin down. Its interesting to watch, there is potential for great deception here.
  7. M'Gann Kicks J'onn's Butt: What an interesting fight. Clearly J'onn wasn't looking to fight M'Gann and had to hold back, but WOW did M'Gann bring the power! She was a strong fighter and definitely a survivor! When J'onn forgave her though, that was the disarming tactic that he needed to break her.
  8. Mon-El and Kara: Kara is stepping up and growing up at the same time. Putting aside her personal bias against Daxamites, to give Mon-El a life on Earth is a different kind of heroism. Certainly something that a more seasoned Supergirl is capable of doing, just like her cousin.
  9. The White Martian: Ok, so we have to pull the curtain back a little bit here. We write our review as the show happens so we can get it out to you all asap. Because of this, you'll see our opinions on M'Gann are mostly around the fact that we all thought she was a green Martian, but just like the lore, she is a WHITE MARTIAN!!!! This is AMAZING! It sets up so many great opportunities for drama and to move the show in a complex way. The introduction of the first White Martian in season one put such a great stigma on them that this development is even more powerful! To take a phrase form SKTG, BAM!

In conclusion, we think that there probably is going to be some changes or introspection for Alex after seeing Maggie with a date. Also, the comedic timing of this episode was really something. So much so, that we noticed it right away. Other episodes certainly have their funny moments but this one caught us laughing out loud!

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