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Here we go again! Its the return of Superman! Just kidding, but he is back and after last weeks portrayal of the Man of Steel, we are happy to have him. Last week was filled with a lot of news including the fact that James Olsen would be taking on the mantel of "Guardian", one of DC Comics' classic heroes. Whether you were for it or against it, one thing was clear, the ratings and reviews of Supergirl's first episode on The CW were outstanding! Going into week two, this episode was even better! Here's what stood out to us:

  1. Superman and Supergirl working together: This is instant chemistry between two actors. Both Melissa and Tyler bring out such joy in their characters and the way they worked together was amazing. The scene with Hank and Jeremy was pure gold with the added excited cheer from Supergirl over the mic. Loved it.
  2. Snapper Carr: This introduction was hilarious. He has some of that Perry White and he has something else too. Its clear this guy is going to have a bigger role to play in Kara's development as a reporter but that is one hard shell to get through.
  3. Metallo's Debut: Posing as a man on the edge (literally) was a great way to call out the Man and Girl of Steel. When he burned away his shirt and shot Superman our jaws dropped. Didn't see him getting hit so hard right off the bat! This was a pretty awesome bad guy for them to introduce against the Kryptionian Dynamic Duo!
  4. Superman vs Martian Manhunter: WOW, this was incredible, Winn's commentary was so needed because we were having chills seeing those two go at each other!
    0748 standoff
  5. Kara trying to stand up to Snapper: Melissa's reaction to how Snapper just tossed her aside was possibly the funniest moment in the whole series thus far. We have no idea how she could channel that but it was incredible.
  6. Cat is out of the Bag: Well we knew this was coming. Possibly the only casualty of moving Supergirl's production to Vancouver was a limited Cat Grant. The scene was really well done and Cat and Kara's relationship really did shine through. While we would have preferred to have more Cat Grant, the writing provided a very believable and purposeful exit that we can get behind and support. Kara will grow from this.
  7. Alex giving it to Kara: This was a great scene, real family drama. It was hard to watch Alex in that pain but she had a point. Superman did leave Kara in the Danvers hands. Not that it was a wrong move but Alex did use it to lay out the hurt! Just another amazing example of the special bond those two actresses have.
  8. Some Incredible Lines from this Episode: These were some highly quotable lines we loved! "Family is not about score keeping or who did more. It's about showing up." by Winn and "We're both men without a home Kal. If we don't preserve each other's history, who will?".
  9. Dual Metallo Fight: This could be summed up in one sentence. Alex in Battle Armor! But there was a lot more. Seeing J'onn and Superman fight together was pretty incredible. A live action Superman and Martian Manhunter on TV, are you kidding me, this is the best time to be alive. With Alex and Kara working together, and Superman and Martian Manhunter, its the perfect parallel to the show's motto, stronger together!
  10. The Good Byes: Winn hugging Superman, J'onn trusting Superman with the Kryptonite, Supergirl speaking Kryptonian, The texts between the two, Cat Grant and Supergirl on the balcony, UGH WOW. This was our favorite episode ever so far. More so than the iconic Red Faced in season one. WOW!

What did you think of "The Last Children of Krypton"? Was it better than last week? Let us know in the comments below, the polls, and on the forum! Also, keep your number 1 site for all the Supergirl news ad free and hit up the support page! Thanks!

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