Sam Lane's Defining Scene

Our introduction to Sam Lane was back in episode 6 "Red Faced" and he didn't come across as very friendly. Of course as we are all fans of Supergirl, anyone standing in her way becomes someone we don't ncecessarily like. That, however, was really put to the test on Monday's episode of Supergirl. The scene that everyone is talking about is the torture of Astra with the liquid Kryptonite. The reasons why this scene is so incredible are many:

  1. This definitively puts Sam Lane in the position of uncompromising humanist. Its done in a way that might be short or slaps the viewer in the face but it does cement his character as well. Here is a man that will do anything to protect his planet from any threat. Even if its alien, or domestic. In some regards this anti-hero is what makes the character great. Lane is someone who will sell his soul for the survival of his people. (General Zod like). He is a perfect character to contrast against Supergirl, who in this very episode, is reminded that heroes need to inspire. A man who sells his soul may win a battle, but not a war.
  2. Laura Benanti's performance in concert with Melissa Benoist. These women can act! WOW, the emotions they can show on screen are incredible, and frankly believable too! No one on staff here at has ever cried in pain both physical and mental like that but you are left thinking that is exactly how one would be. Neither performance overstepped the other and when the two were combined, you had a really heart wrenching scene that left you feeling for Astra and Kara.
  3. Chyler Leigh's Alex pulling Supergirl away from the scene is the cherry on top. Supergirl is weakened by being in the Kryptonite room and her powers are diminished. Because of this, Alex is able to step in and pull Kara away from a hopeless scene. While Kara, the hero, can never give up and must be relentless in her determinations, Alex knows when to retreat. It was a perfect chance for the older sister to step in and protect Kara from her own convictions.

Check out the scene again below and let us know your opinions on it. Did you like "The Day the World Stood Still" reference?

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