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Tonight is the Oscars. Hollywood's royalty gather to accept awards, make political speechs, and see leaps forward in fashion. What is doing? RESEARCH! That's how much we love this show! Tonight we have a few rumors we want to get out there. While these are NOT confirmed they are backed by some sources in the know. That said you should take them as rumors and not news! Also, if these rumors turn out to be true, then they become possible SPOILERS so read on at your own risk. Ok lets get started!

  1. Melissa Benoist's hair. You probably saw the stunning photos of Melissa this weekend at the Spirit Awards. She's looking great! Totally in superhero shape and rocking a new hair color! Now here is where the rumor comes in. Some trusted sources at Superwomenmania say that Melissa's hair isn't fully blonde because when she is Supergirl, she is actually going to wear a wig. Melissa's brown hair now has the beautiful blonde streeks in it, but this will actually be a nod that she is Supergirl when she is dressed as Kara. Melissa as Supergirl will actually have truly blonde hair in the form of a wig. How this fits into the story has yet to be determined. We aren't sure if Kara will wear a wig or if its just an element of the production. Of course its a great call back to the original Supergirl who wore a wig between being a hero and her alter-ego.
  2. Supergirl's costume may not be as complete as was suggested by CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler. While the main costume is complete, there may be a debate going on currently to decide if Supergirl will get a cape. Yes you read that right, they are debating on whether or not Supergir's costume will have a cape! (We'll let you form your own opinions/outrage about that).
  3. Character descriptions may be fluctuating along with audition dialogue. We've noticed that Alex Danvers has a lengthy conversation with her boss, Hank Henshaw in the audition tapes. He mentions saving money to try and buy Alex a corsage for a big dance in high school. This however, would be very creepy if the original casting call descriptions are accurate. In the character desciptions, Alex is 26 years old and Henshaw is in his 40's. Without some sort of plot explanation, its safe to bet that either the audition dialogue will change in the real show or Hank's age will be brought down a bit.
  4. Casting rumor. Last week we posted that we felt an announcement was coming within 24-48 hours and about 48 hours later, we learned that Laura Benanti had been cast to play Kara's biological mother, Alura. This time, we aren't so confident but there are thoughts that David Harewood (known for his role in Homeland) could find a place on the Supergirl show. What role, we don't know but according to his age, he isn't going to be Wynn and he is just on the edge of a 40's something Henshaw. So who knows, there may be nothing to it or maybe he'll take an unknown role.

We do want to take a moment and remind you that these are all rumors and none of them have been given proof yet. So take all of this with a grain of salt.

We of course, would love to hear your thoughts on these rumors below in the comments section

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