Rumor: Announcement Soon

Maybe once, this site pulled back the curtain and talked about rumors rather than news. This will be the second time then.

There have been a few oddities going on just in the last few hours that give us the feeling that an announcement on the show could be coming soon. Lets review why we think this is so:

  1. New Young Supergirl Audition video popped up and disappeared in less than 24 hours, password only.
  2. Benita Grimaldi's Audition videos for the Part of Alex Danvers have been password protected! She had the best Audition video next to Meghan Ory we thought.

(If that were all then it simply might be that the production office is catching up on audition videos and asking actors and actresses to take them down.)

  1. Production communication has been dark for the last week. No updates, no confirmations, no nothing.
  2. Tomorrow is Thursday, which traditionally is when announcements happen.
  3. A source who was right about the Melissa Benoist casting has flagged something might be announced soon too.

So why are we taking the time to write about it here, well that is just how strongly we are feeling. We weighed the costs and benefits and think that if we are right, we look pretty good, and if we are wrong at least we tried. So in the next 24 hours, here's what we are going to look for, more audition videos going to private or password protected. That probably will mean that its just the production office asking actors to take down the videos. A build up of tweet followers to certain actors. Obviously we aren't in the production so people in the know will start to follow actors earlier than the announcement. Finally, rumor sites like TVline or Entertainment weekly might drop the announcement.

So there we go, we are laying our cards on the table thinking we are 24 - 48 hours away from something big, we told you why we think that, and we cross our fingers that we are right. We hope you'll cross your fingers for us too and keep checking back here your Number 1 source for Supergirl news!

EDIT: HA just as soon as we posted this, we saw this tweet from Ali Adler. We're thinking the number one thing she is most happy about is something Supergirl related:

0074 tweet

What do you think? Will we be right? Will we be wrong? Let us know below in the comments section.

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