Ratings Indicate Show is Strong

While Supergirl and J'onn J'onzz may have been fighting against their toughest foe yet in National City, there was another juggernaut that appeared in the real world. It was another alien based show, X-Files. Many were worried that X-Files would pull away from Supergirl's audience but to their surprise, Supergirl's ratings stand STRONG. Last week Supergirl enjoyed little competition in its time slot and ratings were huge. Well according to, that looks to be the trend now as Supergirl knocked it out of the park again with a 1.8 in key demos and roughly 8 million viewers! This is becoming the pattern which means Supergirl's core audience is HUGE! That's a very big loyal fan base! If CBS can count on a 1.8 and 8 million viewers a week then this show is printing money! While there has been no indication that a second season has been ordered, this is another step in the right direction making it a very easy decision for network execs to make.

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to free from negativity and doubt regarding Supergirl. We've got it right here, the proof is in the numbers, Supergirl is a powerhouse! Allow us to open our Martian minds telepathically and reach out to you the fans. Open your minds with us and share your opinions in our Martian Brain Box below! And as always, there is the forum!

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