Project (Spoiler) in Episode 17

Today is almost at an end and we've had quite the whirl of news come through the gates! There's been a record breaking 7 new stories plus one more now! Even on the eve of a new day, the news doesn't stop. We've gotten tips on episodes 12-15 today and now 17. Possible SPOILER Ahead: According, exclusively to, Andrew Kreisberg mentioned that Project Cadmus would be appearing in episode 17. He went on to say:

We bring on Project Cadmus to Supergirl in episode 17, How it's going to be personified, we're still not sure.

One thing that does stand out about project Cadmus is that they are responsible for the origin of Superboy! We all know that a casting call went out a month or so ago to find a leading boy type actor to portray a yound Kal-El. Perhaps Kal-El will have more of a presence than just one or two episodes.

What do you think, is Superboy coming to Supergirl? Is Cadmus going to be an anti-D.E.O.? Comments are open below and the forum is open too!

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