Production Moves to Vancouver? is finally weighing in on all the mammoth-sized rumors flying about Supergirl's second season. Their article confirms that negotiations between WBTV, DC Comics, and CBS are underway. Primarily, this issue is what we heard before, the show is expensive to make. There are several cost cutting measures being looked at. One of the primary options is what we gathered from Tom Cavanagh's interview, Supergirl could move to Vancouver. This is further strengthened by the news that Supergirl did not get it's California tax credit approved (see article for source). Moving production North lowers the cost of production significantly. Some estimates show a discount as high as 40%. The troubling news from the article is that a smaller episode order is also on the table.

All of that aside, what seems clear is that there is a lot of interest in Supergirl and continuing the series. CBS, CW and other parties are all interested in the show and moving forward. We still believe that CBS will hold on to the show for the simple facts below:

Supergirl, aided by a solid DVR play, averaged a 2.4 rating CBS Adults 18–49 in a competitive time slot, ranking as the #1 new CBS drama and #4 new network series overall (behind only Blindspot, Life in Pieces, Quantico) in the demo this season. It is CBS’ youngest-skewing new drama and averaged nearly 10 million viewers.

One fact is clear, no matter how many episodes, where its filmed or what network shows it, Supergirl will get a second season.

Its easy to consider this news as bad news but we want everyone to take a moment and breathe. This doesn't seem bad to us at all. While we would personally like 22-24 episodes, we'll take a 20 episode season for sure. What network broadcasts the show or where its filmed doesn't matter. Keep in mind all of this is still up in the air before commenting. We share this news with you because we promised to be your one stop on the web for Supergirl news. The sky is not falling. Comments below, forum is here, keep us advertisement free and visit our support page!

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