Pre-SDCC Rumors

Its San Diego Comic Con week! As is tradition, there is a wealth of new information to be learned. We'll be at the press round tables talking with the actors and producers about all the new info we can possibly get! But until then, has a large list of rumors they are expecting to come true at SDCC or in the near future. Here's what they are expecting:

  1. "Kathy/Kate Kane and her alter ego, Batwoman, will appear on Supergirl as a recurring role. She will be Maggie Sawyer’s ex, whose adventures as Batwoman occasionally take her to National City."
  2. "Barbara Gordon will also appear as Oracle (mostly so as not to have Batwoman AND Batgirl). Babs will develop a strong friendship with Kara, Supergirl. The Oracle/Batwoman relationship is being modeled after the original Chuck Dixon Era Birds Of Prey, but with Kathy/Kate as the operative instead of Dinah."
  3. There is talk that Fox may allow the use of Batman and the Berlanti-verse could cast him in a similar deal that John Borrowman got for use across shows. This would come at a price or fee The CW would have to pay to Fox.
  4. "John Wesley Shipp will be the third actor who will become a series regular across the whole CW DC Universe, after Wentworth Miller and John Barrowman. He will (obviously) be playing Jay Garrick, not Henry Allen."
  5. Finally, Matt Ryan's Constantine could have a revival of sorts pending Constantine's streaming performance. The show could be revived to replace the final season of Vampire Diaries (wrapping this year)

That is a lot of info to process! Considering all of this maneuvering, it seems a crisis-like event is almost necessary to bring the Supergirl universe into the Flarrow-verse. Looks like we'll be needing to stay up-to-date on a lot more than just Supergirl!

Let us know what you think of these rumors in the comments below and in the forum! Also, support for the site is really appreciated right now as we have a lot of costs coming up. Anything you can donate is extremely appreciated! Keep us advertisement-free! Thanks!

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