Pilot Wrap Photos & Tweets

Well we were just a little shy of the final filming date. Late last night/early this morning, Glen Winter himself called it a wrap on Twitter! Ali Adler and a few of the actors weighed in on the excitement and shared a photo of the best looking cake we have ever scene!

0136 tweet

Here's a great one from our girl of steel herself, Melissa Benoist:

0136 tweet2

David Harewood also shared his view on the wrap, right from the sweets table!

0136 tweet3

Speaking of sweets, Ali Adler ruined our diets with this tweet as well:

0136 tweet4

And finally, Ali set us up with this joke image from the set:

0136 tweet5

Also, in unrelated news, the team had a great opportunity to attend Emerald City Comicon this weekend. We saw tons of great cosplay and fans we talked to were buzzing all about the upcoming Supergirl show. One fan said:

This is a great time for superhero shows and its about time for Supergirl to take her place amongst the heroes on tv.

We also found this amazing Supergirl cosplay that we just had to share with you guys!

0136 cosplay

Such exciting news! Right around the corner we can expect, the pilot trailer, images, theme songs, hearing the show is picked up officially and so much more! So share your excitement with us, let us know your thoughts, or join other fans in our forum!

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