Owain Yeoman to Play Vartox?

This is strange, we are not sure if this is real or not. In fact the more we think about it, the more we are going to file this as RUMOR. is reporting that Owain Yeoman has been hired to play DC hero Vartox. Vartox, for those who don't know, is a comical character, based on Sean Connery's Zardoz. If you don't know what Zardoz is consider yourself lucky. Any way, there are no other details from io9 other than saying "sources say". Vartox story-lines have always had some level of male-chauvinism to them. His most recent appearance is described on wiki as:

All the women of Valeron [where Vartox comes from] have recently been made sterile by a "contraceptive bomb", prompting Vartox to search for the best female specimen in the universe, so that they may mate and repopulate Valeron. Selecting Power Girl as the prime candidate, Vartox comes to Earth, staging a fight with an Ix Negaspike, a creature that is indestructible, in an attempt to woo her.

Completely preposterous concept. That said, the character could be reinvented to provide a more realistic villain for Supergirl to fight. Its not completely inconceivable for Vartox, of equal power to Superman, to come down and fight Supergirl and gauge her powers. There is a line from the audition tapes where The Lumberjack says, "On my planet, females bow before males!". This line could be something Vartox says just as equally as the Lumberjack. Its plenty male-chauvinistic and sexist, which does play up the girl power angle when Supergirl beats the crap out of him.

We can't help but wonder if any part of this is true, but if it is then perhaps it was the character Owain Yeoman is playing that is wrong. What if he is actually the Lumberjack on the pilot. Vartox just doesn't see to fit in with all the awesomeness we've seen from this show so far.

So there you have it, possible new cast member added... meh, we aren't even confident in saying that. We'll leave this up to you guys to think about. Comment below or head on over to the new forum and lets talk this out!

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