Owain Yeoman is Looking Huge!

The pilot is finished filming and cast couldn't be feeling more happy or proud of the work they've done according to Twitter. Now, while the wizards of special effects at ArmenVFX begin their magic, the cast is on break awaiting that great news that Supergirl is officially a go. Beyond that, we'll be hunting every dark corner of the internet to find updates for you. Today is just such a day. Our new hero turned villain Vartox himself (Owain Yeoman) tweeted out this picture of himself in the gym. DAMN he is looking huge. He reminds us of Bane from The Dark Knight Triolgy. If this is what he's looking like today, its a pretty safe bet he was this big when he shot his scenes with Melissa! Can you imagine 5'8" Melissa going up against this mamoth!? This battle is going to be EPIC!

0137 tweet

We are getting so excited over here. Its hard to stay in our seats! Let us hear your thoughts on Owain or even on the show in the comments below or in our forum of great fans!

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