Other DC Heroes Coming interviewed Executive Producer and writer, Andrew Kreisberg at Comic Con and learned some pretty exciting things coming for Supergirl. Kriesberg first commented on the possibility of a Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow crossover:

For right now, I don’t think the Arrow-Flash-Legends universe is going to cross with Supergirl, but just like on those shows, we bring in other DC characters and other DC heroes. We have plans to do the same on Supergirl.

And just like that, we can expect to see other DC characters and heroes on the show!!! WOW, begin your wild speculation right now! (we are routing for Batgirl). Kreisberg continued:

So, Supergirl won’t feel like just Supergirl, there’s going to be some great, iconic DC Comics characters coming onto that show. And some of them not even necessarily associated with Superman. So, it will be a DC Comics show.

That sounds like a perfect way to bring in a variety of different viewer demographics to the show and keep everyone interested and happy.

We want to hear from you guys, which heroes would you like to see guest appear on the show? Tell us in the comments below, or join the conversation in our fan forum!

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