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Every once and a while we gather little nuggets from twitter, instagram, or around the internet that aren't really worthy of a news post all on their own, but we save them and when we get enough we share them all.

First lets start with some tweets from Melissa Benoist and Ali Adler:

0227 tweet

0227 tweet2

Next up, we wanted to talk a little bit of site news. We are always trying to improve our site, our coverage of this topic and make the best experience for you guys. So that in mind, we have completely re-done the videos page. We now have videos by category; Audition Videos and Promotional Videos. The Promotional Videos have even further categories like Trailers, TV Spots, and so on. Check it out if you have a chance and let us know what you think.

Finally, the votes from what we should call ourselves have been tallied. "Karanites" was a clear crowd favorite! Close behind was Kara Knights. So if you feel so inclined, we can call ourselves Karanites or Kara Knights as a fan group! Horay!

Share your feelings on the miscellaneous photos. Let us know how the new video page is doing, and tell us if you are a Karanite or Kara Knight! As always you can also start up a conversation in the best forum on the net, the Fan Forum!

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