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The seconds keep ticking away. Supergirl's premiere has never felt bigger and with an amazing debut at New York City Comic Con, it feels like Supergirl's premiere on October 26th at 8:30pm can only soar in the ratings! New York Comic Con goers were treated to a viewing of the pilot episode as well as a panel featuring Executive Producer Ali Adler, Mehcad Brooks (James Olsen) and Peter Facinelli (Villainous Billionaire, Maxwell Lord). We learned some new developments from the panel as well as some fun surprises. This is our NYCC recap:

  1. TOYMAN: Another new villain was announced. While we all are aware that Jeremy Jordan's character shares a name with DC villain Toy Man, Ali Adler said Toy Man would be appearing this season and is NOT Jeremy's character. However there is going to be some kind of bond or connection between the two. (Comic book fans begin your speculations)!
  2. THE GENERAL: The "General" referred to in the pilot and in trailers is NOT, General Zod. This comes directly from Ali Adler so you know its going to be something even more exciting and new.
  3. JAMES OLSEN: Mehcad Brooks was the only actor the Supergirl crew looked at for the part of James Olsen. Mehcad said he was concerned he was going to get fired everyday while filming the pilot but Ali Adler and crew had total faith in him. Mehcad is taking the role of James very seriously trying to give the utmost respect to the character.
  4. BALANCE: Supergirl is balance. We have often been zeroing in on the fact that this is a female driven superhero show but the crew on Supergirl wouldn't say that. Her gender shouldn't matter as they are just out to make a great show. What the cast and crew want is a balanced show. There is action for the hard core comic fans, there is romance for the fans looking for relationships, there are schemes and deceits that appeal to the drama starved fans. All in all Supergirl is going to have something for everyone. To make sure that there is that keen sense of balance, the Supergirl writer staff is 50% male and 50% female. "Just as it should be", says Ali Adler. And we agree!
  5. CROSSOVER: Supergirl can crossover with Arrow and Flash. That is a bold statement we know, but it is supported by something we've always known and Ali Adler reiterated during the panel. "[In regards to the Flash and Arrow] ... We don't want to distance ourselves from those shows ... In success, anything is possible." We couldn't put it better. If you guys want to see a cross over, or to quote what a convention guest said, have Supergirl show up and teach Arrow and Flash that they are both way out of her league, then all you need to do is just watch the show. Ultimately the most powerful force for a show's success is viewership and if we are all watching and demanding crossovers, we'll get it. Just heed what Ali said, "in success" meaning we have all got to watch! Tell your friends!

Those are the updates that are pretty exciting, now check out our NYCC photo gallery below:

That's the news from NYCC, and it keeps getting more and more exciting! Are you guys getting excited too? Did you like hearing the updates from NYCC? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below and in our fan forum. Don't miss our site initiatives too. We are collecting photos and messages to the staff to deliver to them Oct 24th wishing them luck on the premiere. Get details here and on the other site events.

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