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Who are we missing? Winn! So is it coincidence that a new Winn Audition video surfaces today? There seems to be a large demand for this part.  Not that a lot of people are audition, that would be true for any part. We're talking about the demand on the actor.  It's the last part they have to cast of the main characters and it seems that the goofy best friend isn't all that they are looking for. A lot of that is speculation, but from the comics we all know that Winslow "Winn" Schott, becomes the Toyman and its our thinking that whomever takes up this mantle, will need to have a dark side to them as well.

Speculation aside, here is Daniel Abeles' audition video for the part of Winn.

Not at whole lot new here. But Winn audition videos are by far the most that we find which makes us think that this is going to be such a pivotal part.

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