New TV Spots Revealed, Leaked?

We are always hunting, poking and pecking around the internet to find news on Supergirl and today we stumbled upon something pretty cool and interesting. We found two new TV spots for Supergirl.  The first is a character/actor introduction video that previews the show but also shows who is playing who. Its a big deal for people who are fans of particular actors like Calista Flockhart.

The second video is shorter but this is where things get interesting. Our thinking is that this is the TV spot for October 24th because the video specifically says "in two days". The sound seems better too, with the wind and the dramatic flying! If any trailer were specifically Supergirl oriented (meaning oriented around the character) this is it.

Interesting to see these two new TV spots. Both accomplish what they are designed to. What did you think of the new spots? Any specific parts you liked? We loved how Alura said she'll have great powers. Share your opinions with us and the rest of the Karanites below! Also, Get ready for our live chat session during the pilot by signing up for our site. You'll get access to the forum and we never email you unless its directly about the site or you email us first. 100% ad free and no spam.

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