New Spoilers Crop Up

On the verge of a string of new episodes for Supergirl, starting with "Childish Things" has unveiled some pretty awesome new tidbits about what we can expect coming up. Because this article references events to come, we want to put up the spoiler flag incase you want to wait until the show airs.

  1. We know a lot of you feel that there was a missed opportunity having Hope Lauren play Bizzaro and not Melissa Benoist. Well guess what, Supergirl show runners Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter have something to say about that:
    [Melissa Benoist] is playing Bizarro for part of it, not all of it. We do our own twist. She’s man-made Bizarro, not from another planet. And I don’t want to give away too-too much, but it’s coming up in a couple episodes … we did do a production element with [Benoist] in terms of how we made it.
  2. With all the news about Supergirl alumn Laura Vandervoort returning to the DC TV Universe, many have missed the exciting news of Siobhan Smythe coming to the show! Here's what Schechter had to say:
    She has a very exciting arc, there’s definitely more going on with her than we first realized. Her character is very much in Cat Grant’s mold, which is incredibly challenging for Kara. Watching a young Cat Grant, as well as the actual Cat Grant, facing off against Kara is endlessly fun. It’s great to see how Kara’s finally gotten a handle on her work life and then to have this uber-asssistant who is incredibly ruthless come in is funny and quite terrifying. Italia was apologizing after the read-through for some of the lines she had to say because they’re very, very tough.Adding to that, we won't see Siobhan's alter ego right away either. There will however be a build up to that!
  3. Speaking of Laura Vandervoort's character Indigo, Berlanti mentioned that she will have a former relationship with Non. Indigo was a prisoner on Fort Razz so there could be more to that relationship.
  4. In Episode 14 DC Character, Master Jailer, will join the show. Zap2it had this bomb to drop as well:
    Jeff Branson will be playing Master Jailer, the protector of Fort Rozz. Berlanti teases that Master Jailer “has a relationship with Kara, he helps her.
  5. For all you Winn fans out there, this is a scoop we think you're going to love:
    Henry Czerny has been announced as Winn’s (Jeremy Jordan) estranged father, Winslow Schott Sr., a.k.a. the Toyman, a classic DC Comics villain. When he comes to town, it will somehow lead Winn into a romantic setting.
    “It was one of those things where [Czerny] is sort of perfect casting. It’s a really great moment for Winn from here going forward. There will be a little tryst for Winn coming up. He’s not just pining for Kara,” says Berlanti.
  6. Finally, Greg Berlanti confirms the return of Dean Cain for more episodes. They are also trying to get Lynda Carter (DC TV's Wonder Woman from the 70's) for the right role on Supergirl as well.

Whew there is a lot of meat on those bones this post! Please let us hear what you guys are thinking with all this news in the comments below and in the forum!

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