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We are just hours away from another all new episode of Supergirl! This episode will be the precursor to a two week break for the holidays. Supergirl is set to return January 4th, 2016! So before we all gear up for our last dose of our favorite TV show one last time in 2015, we've gathered another bunch of small miscellaneous news items to share with you all.

First up: Many of you are constantly asking, "how did Supergirl get her ears pierced"? Some of our longer time users have been around for the great debate and we even had fan art done of the event. That aside, we have created this little side website for fun just incase you want to know the true answer and or send disbelievers to. Just visit,

Secondly: People are also starting to ask, "how does Kara affored an near 1,700 squarefoot loft apartment on an assitant's salary?". For this one, Ali Adler (Executive Producer) herself steps to the plate:

In my mind, Mrs. Needleberg, who lives next door, is older and she got the apartment in the building a long time ago. She gives Kara a break in the rent in return for being her super. But also, Kara doesn't need to be worried about the area she lives in. If she's looking over her shoulder for the guy following her, it doesn't really matter.

Finally, there have been some great photos from social media circulating and they are certainly worth a look! Here are some great shots of Melissa, David and his new "costume" (Spoiler if you haven't seen ep 7) and some general awesomeness!

0427 coffee

0427 martiansuit

0427 clacker

0427 tweet

0427 tweet2

There you have it, the tiny news that always fun to read. Are you excited for tonight's winter finale? Think they'll be a big cliffhanger? Let us mind meld with you in the comments below or the forum!

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