More Sources Say Back 9 Coming

While many shows are starting to wrap up their first 8 or so episodes and move into the Winter season break, Supergirl is still going strong about to show its 6th episode. With the newest rumor of a potential late season Flash/Supergirl crossover, fans are looking for news that the back 9 episodes are a go. While no announcement has been made yet, two more sources are looking to give Supergirl that positive bump!

First, Rotton Tomatoes has come out with their ratings on the 41 new series that debuted this Fall season. Guess who's #3! Supergirl 97% fresh, only being beaten by Ash Vs. The Evil Dead at 98% and Master of None 100%. Considering Supergirl is the only show that is on network TV, this is a huge win!

Secondly, we've been following the renew/cancel index for Supergirl from Zap2it numbers. Supergirl is consistantly in the number one spot for renewal. However, today we're seeing that Entertainment Weekly is echoing this good news in their latest review of "Winter TV Survival Odds":

Kara’s next mission should be to rescue her slipping Nielsens. Averaging 2.8 for the season, sure, but started big and recently hit a new low. Still, Supergirl should receive a full-season order any day now.

We don't necessarily care for how Entertainment Weekly phrases it above, but the proof is still there. More and more sources are saying Supergirl is going to be a go for the back 9!

Hope you all are continuing to enjoy your weekend! This is pretty good news. Supergirl should be getting the back 9 soon and if that is the case, it adds a little more truth the the crossover rumor! Let us know what you think in the comments below and in the forum!

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