More Audition Videos Found

We continue to hunt down news and rumors for March's production launch of 'Supergirl' on CBS. Today we've uncovered even more audition tapes.  Thoughts are that since the rolls of Supergirl and James Olsen have been cast, these actors and actresses want to add them to their demo reels.  This might be why more and more videos are surfacing. There are a couple of interesting things in the videos though. First, Tyler Poelle's audition for the part of James Olsen has a vastly different script than the ones we've seen before.  His first interaction with Kara is in a different location and we learn a lot more about his relationship with Superman and why he's in National City, not Metropolis. The tag on the video says this is two weeks old but who knows.  We'll tag this with having possible SPOILERS:

Tyler Poelle, Part of Winn.

Next we have two actresses that read for the part of Kara. No big script changes here. Just more of what we've already heard. Interesting note however, both actresses are brunette, and since the description of Alex and Kara are relatively the same age.  We could see these actresses re-emerge for the role of Alex.

Eunice Lee, Part of Kara.

Hannah Drake, Part of Kara.

Finally, a new confirmed actress reading for the part of Alex:

Elise Brennon, Part of Alex.

Well the more you hunt going down the rabbit hole, the more you seem to find! What are your thoughts? Would any of these actors/actresses have been better in their respective rolls? Let us know in the comments below!

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