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Many have said that Melissa Benoist's portrayal of Kara Zor-El reminds them of Christopher Reeve's Superman. Tons of news outlets, activist groups, clubs, and whomever else has said that having a female superhero on prime-time is all about equality and women's rights. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and Supergirl can represent many things for many people. One person, however, has more say to what Supergirl can be than anyone else. gathered Melissa Benoist' true hopes for the character:

I just would like her journey to be something that any person could relate to and/or be affected by and inspired by. I think part of the draw of the comic book genre is that it is a way to escape and be inspired by something and be something greater than yourself: A strong being that can accomplish the unthinkable. But also what I love about her is that she struggles and the ebb and flow of her life is really human. I just hope that people can relate to it.

Ultimately this is another example of how Supergirl is looking to achieve balance! It isn't about a woman superhero, its about a human in put into situations we can relate to while enjoying the escapism that flying and bending steel affords us. Melissa went on to describe how people have changed the way they look at her now:

One of the camera operators came up to me…I think we were in episode eight or something, so we had a bunch of episodes under our belts. He came up to me on one of the green screen days and said, 'You know, I've seen you do this so many times now, but it's always exciting. It's always really exhilarating to see you on the camera and look at a girl who looks like she's flying,' she said. "It does feel that way every time we do it.

Melissa gave a brief hint of what's to come for Kara too:

You're definitely going to see Supergirl and Kara change a lot just in a matter of 10 episodes. We just started filming 11 and I kind of had this moment where I stopped and thought about how much the character has changed in such a short amount of time. I hope people really respond to it.

There is a lot more to the article including Melissa's opinions and work with Helen Slater, her fights on screen and love off screen of Laura Benanti and the expressions she see in the children's faces she see while wearing the suit. Read the whole article here.

Its repeated time and time again, this cast and crew care deeply about what they are doing. Melissa's care of the iconic Kara Zor-El is nothing short of absolute. Share your thoughts about Melissa's statements and hopes for Supergirl with us in the comments below and the forum!

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