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We've received many questions regarding the wedding we've referred to in some of our other posts. Please pardon us for this non-related Supergirl article as we pull back the curtain a little bit and show you some more of what is. As you all should know, is run by fans for fans, advertisement free. Well two of our staff and big Supergirl fans got married last week. The Bride (who does a lot of our research and voiced our Supergirl Timeline Video) is also a Marvel fan. The Groom, our programmer and illustrator is a hardcore Superman fan. Together they had a Marvel meets DC themed wedding! The flowergirl, their niece, was dressed and walked down the aisle as Supergirl herself (She's 11)! Much like our staff, our flowergirl can't wait to see Supergirl take flight on CBS. Here are some of the photos:

0265 cake

0265 brideandflowergirl

0265 weddingflight

Thank you for indulging us. We are committed to being your first and number 1 stop for Supergirl news and this isn't that. But while this is an interruption, it will be brief and we are on to cover the Supergirl news, rumors, spoilers and everything else. Looking for more Supergirl comments and news? You can always visit our forum!

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