Linda Danvers is back?!

Thank you to Jens N. who direct messaged us on our site to let us know that IMDB is know showing the role of Kara Zor-El as Linda Danvers.  We speculated that the mash up of the two names Kara and Danvers might not stick due to the similarities with Captain Marvel (of Marvel Comics) Carol Danvers.  Well this is one more step in the direction that Kara Zor-El may just remain as Supergirl's Kryptonian given name since she might goes by Linda Danvers now instead.  We won't hold this to be official yet but it does look to add more evidence of our thinking that Carol and Kara sounded to similar.

0053 imdb

We checked the production notes today as well and its still Kara on the notes so this may just be IMDB placating to rumors. That said, if her name really is Linda, how do you think that might influence the costume?  We have always assumed it would be blue and red with hints of yellow.  What if its white like the Matrix Supergirl costume?  Let us know your thoughts!

Are you upset at the name change?  Is Linda a good way to pay homage to the character from the past?  Comment below and let us know your thoughts!

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