Lexi Alexander's Episode Recap

The fight scenes in Supergirl have been an area of critique on other sites for a while now. However, what we learned tonight was that was on purpose in some regard. Going into episode 14 "Truth, Justice, and the American Way" fans were promised a new fight scene and style that would leave your jaw on the floor. It's safe to say that Lexi Alexander delivered just that! Here are some other points of awesomeness that stood out to us about this episode!

  1. The Prayer for the Dead: It was very cool to see Non invite Kara to perform the last rights for Astra. Having Kara say a prayer from Krypton was poetic. We also like how they mentioned females lead the priesthood on Krypton. Two week mourning period then war ... yikes!
  2. The Master Jailer's Suit of Armor: Aside from some negative comments on Red Tornado, the costumes on this show have been out of this world! Master Jailer's was totally on point. It was amazing, dark, sharp, and menacing! There was a resemblance of Batman almost.
  3. Italia Ricci's Voiceless Chat Scene: This was a hilarious scene! The way Siobhan was able to zero in on Kara's area of weakness at work and get her to react without even saying a word, priceless. BIG kudos to Italia Ricci's acting ability to get all that emotion out just using her eyebrows! So funny!
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  4. Master Jailer vs Supergirl Round 1: As time continues to move forward, its amazing to see how different people are tackling the fights that Kryptonians can have. We saw it first in Man of Steel how flight could effect a battle. Tonight, we got to see 45 seconds of the best Kryptonian fight ever. Super speed, heat vision, flight, strength, it was amazing. Supergirl was able to combine all her powers in this fight. It wasn't like Superman II where Non and General Zod used one power at a time, it was the concert of using them all together that made it stand out!
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  5. James puts Kara in her Place: "That symbol means something to a lot of people". James returned to his role as Kara moral compass this episode. We think this has always been his best position and where he can offer the greatest value. We agreed with James, Kara was in the wrong. She is learning and trying to find a better way but locking up Lord indefinitely only played to his fears and confirmed his reason to fear her.
  6. Todd Sherry as Professor Luzano: We really enjoyed Todd Sherry's performance as Processor Luzano. He was able to make the professor lovable and genuine. Just a non-militaristic alien that looked to make the best of his situation after landing. Not unlike Kara. Very sweet.
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  7. The New Drama of Alex, Astra Hank: Hank is playing the silent here. Its perfect to his character. We are reminded of Batman in the Dark Knight. He is allowing himself to be hated, because he can take it. He can be hated and allow Alex's reputation stay untarnished. Given the situation on how she died, we feel like Kara could understand why Alex did what she did. All in all, time will tell.

Tonight was a good return to new Supergirl episodes! Very excited!

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