Kara's Job Choice Revealed?

We might have found out which job Kara is going to try out in season 2 after Cat's generous offer at the end of season 1! It also might come with our first look at dialogue from newly announced character, Nick Farrow. From the description provided earlier, we know Nick and Kara aren't going to get along very easily and if this dialogue is correct, that might be an understatement.

"Sides" or test character dialogue is often sent out to casting directors to give to prospective actors so they have something to read when testing for a role. Often, these dialogues are fictitious and don't pertain to the overall arc of the show's plot. That said it can give us a direction toward how a character might sounds in the coming season. So take the following information with a grain of salt, it is far from confirmed but at the very least gives us a look into the characters of Nick Farrow and Snapper Carr.

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