January 11th will show repeat

Bad news fans, guess they all can't be winners. While its freaking awesome that we get to start the new year right off with a new episode of Supergirl on January 4th (not to mention get closure to that huge cliffhanger), we'll need to wait unti January 118th for episode 10. Episode 10 is the big Toyman episode with Henry Czerny. This episode is going to kick butt, however, we're going to have to wait an extra week in between. For more on the Henry Czerny toyman episode you can read its title and synopsis here. The episode that will air on January 11th will be "How does she do it" featuring Carter Grant, Cat's son.

We believe that there will be many of these small breaks from now until the end of the season becasue CBS will want to draw out the remaining 12 episodes for as long as they can to hit sweeps in May. The days of weekly new Supergirl episodes might be over but we'll still be getting new episodes on a semi-week to week basis and that's enough to excite us! Lets hear your opinions, are we right about how the last 12 of this season will go? Comments below, forum here!

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