J. Branson Guests as Master Jailer

Jeff Branson was excited to announce today on his twitter feed that he will be guest starring on Supergirl as the Master Jailer in episode 14! Also, we learned that episode 14th won't be airred until February 22nd! Sounds like we are in for some more scheduling breaks soon too.

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DC Comics has described the Master Jailer as:

The Master Jailer is a genius who is able to create traps that have come close to defeating the mightiest of heroes. As an escape artist his only two peers are Batman and Mister Miracle. shares the Master Jailer's origin which sounds similar to another hero we know in Red Yellow and Blue.

Carl Draper grew up in Smallville, and suffered the nickname, "Moosie", because he was fat, homely and clumsy. He never seemed too bright, although he was adept at escaping from traps. Once when the Smallville High Geology Club was trapped by a cave in, he found a way out - but never had the chance to tell anyone, as Superboy saved the group. Carl was also crazy about Lana Lang, who only had eyes for Superboy. His desire to impress Lana - and others- led Carl to a regime of exercise and dieting that replaced his fat with muscle. His homely face was changed through cosmetic surgery, and he studied hard, becoming a master architect and locksmith. Indeed he went far beyond any others, mastering scientific skills surpassed only by a few, such as Luthor or Sivana.

What do you think of the Master Jailer guest starring on the show? Comments are below and the forum is open!

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