It's a Bonanza

We generally don't talk about ratings because now that Supergirl is on The CW, the show is in a much better place for success. Also ratings aren't always the key measure for success like they were when the show was on CBS. More episodes means higher chance for syndication and so on. However, last night is an exception because the ratings were historic! According to, Supergirl enjoyed 3.5 million live viewers with a 1.1 rating! That posts The CW's highest rated Monday since January 18th 2010, when One Tree Hill was on. Very impressive and congratulations are due to the show runners! Home run!

(Before we get into a ratings debate, lets all take a moment and realize this a good milestone for the show on the network its on now. Any debates on cancellation and or ratings are low can be put to rest. Please trust your admins are on top of any situations like that and so far, the show has performed incredibly well on The CW!

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