Human for a Day: Recap

SPOILERS ahead for anyone who hasn't seen this episode. We were poked, we were jabbed, we were told, we were promised that this episode was going to be pivotal, that it was going to "Change the DCTV universe". Now that we've seen it. IT DOES JUST THAT AND MORE! The surprises just kept coming and now that we've had a chance to pick up our jaws, here are the best parts of the episode that stood out to us:

  1. Undeniably last week had an amazingly touching scene with Kara "solar flairing" against the Red Tornado. But just like that scene, this episode had Kara go up against a gun-wielding criminal without her powers. What made the scene all so perfect for us was how Melissa Benoist was able to show fear and strength in the same way. We knew Supergirl didn't have her powers and yet she needed to act like she did. That of course makes the actor have to double act which is often terrible but again Melissa's abilities as an actor shine through and we are genuinely scared for her while she talks down the criminal with confidence!
    0417 powerless
  2. Next was Alex Danvers stepping up to the plate as the D.E.O.'s number 2 which became the number 1 spot during the doubt of Henshaw. This show is filled with strong characters female and male and Alex is not skirted by any means. She stood up to Henshaw and took command of the situaltion perfectly. When Alex started her assault on J'emm, it was like freaking Lara Croft time!
  3. Everyone seemed to be the hero in this episode and that theme was really powerful. While there wasn't one scene that showed all the characters contributing in the ways they can, each contributing made our highlight reel. You have James climbing up to the floor above them to free the trapped victims of the gas leak, Winn (Wick, lol) returning the power to broadcast, Cat Grant encouraging people to work together and be their own hero and even Henshaw ...
  4. FREAKING HENSHAW!!!! There wont be a single thing people are talking about tomorrow than that of Hank Henshaw really being the last survivor of Mars, our favorite Oreo eating alien, J'onn J'onzz the Martian Manhunter! The scene where David describes why he is what he is was incredibly touching. Jeremiah and the real Hank Henshaw went hunting down an innocent alien not from the crashed fort R'ozz. When Jeremiah realized he was no threat, he gave his life to protect J'onn and in return, J'onn (a shapeshifter among other things) took the shape of the now deceased Henshaw and vowed to protect Jeremiah's daughter as his own!
    0417 jonn
  5. Finally, the Kryptonian ambush and cliffhanger left this episode on a super high note. Action, is coming and Astra has returned to face her niece with more Kryptonians! The scene was pretty jarring and that made it awesome. Supergirl was back and had her powers flying above the city when out of nowhere she is blasted back to the Earth and held for Astra's presence. Amazing! And more so, that's how the episode ends! Leaving everyone on the edge of their seat! Well done!

Supergirl is shaping up to be the big leagues of superhero TV. All the most powerful villains and now heroes are on the show. After tonight's reveal, anything is possible!

WOW, did you all loose your minds tonight? We sure did! Let us hear your thoughts about it below and in the forum!

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