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We are just one day away from the second episode of Supergirl on CBS! We are sure, everyone who visits the site has got to be super excited for the next big episode in the Supergirl saga. That said, there is still one milestone we are looking forward to and you can help! Currently, Supergirl has a season order of 13 episodes. That is pretty standard for a new show. In fact you might be noticing that the new shows for this season are starting to settle into their places. For example NBC's the player, was reduced to just 9 episodes putting it next to cancellation. On the other hand, Limitless just got a full season order meaning they are now making the full 22-24 episode season. This is exactly what we want for Supergirl.

We need what is known as the "back 9" or the complete order of the show. This is the best bet for a show to have a second season and continued success. After the biggest debut in superhero tv history and taking the crown for this seasons #1 new show, Greg Berlanti spoke with Variety about the possible back-9 episode order:

I have no idea. That’s another thing I can never predict. There was a read-through when the ratings came in. We all hung out and toasted, and (Warner Bros TV chief) Peter Roth came by. It was a special moment. Shows this size, it’s double the financial stakes for everybody. They are large things to pull off. You want them to work for everybody. It means years of livelihood for everyone. It was nice to get a nice start. It’s that great boost to get in the arm to keep going. That was the one challenging thing about premiering later.

Berlanti, continued with:

We’re shooting 10 and prepping 11, and drafting episode 13 right now, so obviously we’re excited to get another episode on air so we get to know if we’re going to get make more of these things.

Its this last statement that is so crucial we believe. We think that the season could clinch the back 9 with a big ratings turnout tomorrow! For example, the Flash last year received an initial order of 13 episodes and with a good premiere 3 more episodes were ordered and by October the full 23 episode season was a go. Positive ratings tomorrow are going to put Supergirl into momentum and CBS execs will jump at the opportunity to keep that momentum going with a full season order. Once we get that, its just a few more positive episodes to an early second season order!

So what can you do to help out? Well first, if you are a Gotham and Supergirl fan, watch Supergirl live and first. DVR Gotham. Gotham's future is already decided, Supergirl needs the lift. Second, if you were planning on watching it later but can watch it live, do so! The early indicators come from live viewings and that is where initial decisions are going to be made. Third, purchase the show. If you can and have money, grabbing a season pass to the show on Apple TV, Amazon, or whichever is your favorite provider, gives good confidence boosters for the show. Finally, tell your family and friends. get them to watch it too at home. Viewing parties are great but if you can get more family homes with the show on, those boost live ratings!

That's our suggestion for getting Supergirl up to the full season order. Hope you guys can watch tomorrow and as always you can catch our live tweets of the show at @Supergirltvsite.

Are you able to watch live tomorrow? Are you looking forward to the new episode? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and in our forum!

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