Hellgrammite to fight Supergirl

We are very excited to announce that Justice Leak (Powers) has been set for the guest star role of “Hellgrammite” in an upcoming episode of Supergirl! The character is described officially as "... an alien pursued by Supergirl". DC comic aficionados might remember Hellgramite as Roderick Rose, an entomologist who injects himself with a mutagen that transforms him into an insect/grasshopper like insectoid. When in that form, he possesses superhuman strength and leaping abilities. He also has the power to secrete adhesives and weave transformative or imprisoning cocoons, and a durable exoskeleton. While this doesn't sound like the origin the show will be using, it would make sense that his powers are the same. And with all those strengths, he sounds like a perfect candidate to be beat on by our favorite Kryptonian.

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This sounds like a perfect kind of villain for Supergirl to take on. He has some powers similar to her's allowing her to beat up on him, while having enough differences to require a new strategy from the DEO to take him on. What do you think of the new villain and the casting choice? Did the casting team hit another home run? Share your thoughts with us below and in our forum!

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