Harewood: "Season 2 Positive"

David Harewood was interviewd by Digital Spy last Friday (April 1st) and had a chance to speak about Supergirl's chances for a season 2. Let us first say that this is not an April fools joke nor is anything about the article is untrue. It is just a coincidence that it came out on April 1st. So, when David was asked about the chances of a season 2 for Supergirl he said:

I've heard lots of rumblings - there are no guarantees but CBS has made some very positive noises. All I know is that we've just had one of our biggest audiences of the year so far with the Flash crossover so it's all looking positive. The fans have been very vociferous and very vocal, so hopefully it's enough to get us a second season.

Well we can certainly echo what David said about the fans, you guys have been nothing but supportive and passionate about the show! From what we've heard through our sources, Season 2 is very VERY probable. No need to worry. Of course, if we ever hear anything to the contrary, we will be the first to let you know.

No new Supergirl tomorrow but a new Adventures of Supergirl comes out digitally! Also, the ramifications from Barry's visit to National City should be referenced in the Flash this week (we think). Stay tuned for our review!

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