Happy Superman Day

It seams like everyday of the year has been taken up with some declaration of silliness. May the 4th is Star Wars day (that makes sense), but there are others like talk like a pirate day and national pancake day. So silly. That said, today is a day we can get behind. Today is Superman day! According to, a good way to celebrate today is to:

... host a Superman themed get together with your friends, complete with a cake decorated with the iconic S emblem. For the dastardly a little green food coloring can change Marshmallow Crispy Bars into Kryptonite bars, and a trampoline in the yard will give everyone a bit of the experience of flying like the Man of Steel. Finish it all off with a marathon of movies and you’ll have a “Super Celebration” this day.

While this sounds like an average Tuesday to us, we'd like to suggest something else. Just like the Boy Scouts' motto, "do a good turn daily", the Big Blue Boyscout never shied away from saving a cat from a tree or walking an elderly citizen across the street. Our suggestion to celebrate today is to do just that, do something simple for your fellow citizen. It doesn't need to grandiose just something nice, like hold a door open or pick up something when someone drops it. Its easy to imagine that would be all the Man of Steel would ask of us anyway.

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Happy Superman Day from the staff here at

If by chance you have the opportunity to celebrate Superman day like we've suggested, let us know about it and how it reminded you of Kal-El. Share your thoughts or good deeds in the comments below or join the conversation on our forum.

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