Glen Winter's Own Words

It seems from this weekend, Glen Winter (director of the Supegirl Pilot) just can't get enough of Melissa Benoist. Gathering up the tweets that matter from this weekend, we've got a few Glen tweets that might get you jumping out of your seat!

0133 tweet

(and he's saying that over Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin, The Arrow and The Flash respectively!)

0133 tweet2

He he, all we can think of is that Melissa was on the wires that day! Real flying on the show!

0133 tweet3

Awww, so as of March 21st (Saturday) there were only 6 days left. That means the pilot should wrap filming on March 27th (Friday). WHEW exciting! On another note: We tracked down some tweets about Supergirl that might give us a hint on a possible scene. We are going to tag this as RUMOR because we can't confirm the tweeter's identitiy:

0133 tweet4

Pretty average tweet above but its this one below, that our friends at grabbed before it was deleted that shines some light on a scene:

0133 tweet5

After a tweet like that, we are immediately reminded of this scene from Smallville. (obviously, Kara would be on the right side of the law though)

Finally, we don't know how we missed this one, but David Harewood had his first day last week!

0133 tweet6

Wahhh, this is so exciting! Can you imagine a scene like this revved up by like 20 with today's special effects! SUPERGIRL IS GOING TO BE AWESOME! Let us know your thoughts below.

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