Geoff Johns Talks Supergirl chatted with DC Comics CCO Geoff Johns about the new Supergirl show on CBS when he was signing copies of his new comic Batman: Earth One vol.2. Geoff spoke breifly on the comparison of the trailer with the Black Widow SNL skit:

Everyone deserves to have a reaction, but at the end of the day, I believe in the pilot, I believe in the show. When people see the pilot, they’re going to be blown away.

Johns went on to describe what he is most excited about for the Supergirl show:

I think the greatest thing about the Supergirl show we’re working on and the thing I’m most proud of is it embodies the character and the Superman mythology in a really strong, accessible way that I think carries at least the tone and spirit with what we’ve done with The Flash. And Melissa Benoist is an amazing Supergirl and Kara Danvers. I’m just excited for people to see it.

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We don't think Geoff Johns really said anything groundbreaking but it is nice that the CCO of DC Comics is embracing the show so wholeheartedly. Let us hear your comments, (which on a side note, you guys have been great recently commenting), we love hearing your thoughts! Also don't forget about that rocking fan forum!

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