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Entertainment Weekly sat down with Marc Guggenheim (producer on Flash Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow) to discuss the four way crossover coming in Decemeber. A very interesting detail was revealed in his talk. As we learned a few weeks ago, the Dominators are coming to the Flarrow universe to take on the meta-humans. This being that universe's first encounter with aliens, its left to Barry and Cisco to get an alien on their side, none other than our Girl of Steel. Here's what Guggenheim said:

Last year, Supergirl established that Flash was able to make his way to what I call Earth-CBS, and it stands to reason that, with the proper breach technology, the reverse can happen. In the crossover, the heroes will team up to fight against the Dominators, who in the comics were a technologically advanced alien race that wanted to invade Earth and eliminate the threat posed by unpredictable meta-humans — and they have similar motivations during the crossover. Once the heroes realize that they’re up against aliens, they decide that they need an alien on their side. Fortunately, Barry knows a really nice one. I don’t think it’s a big shock that between Barry and Cisco, and all their experiences with Earth-2 and the multi-verse, that they can pluck her from Earth-CBS.

Guggenheim went on to clarify how the 'four-way' crossover will work:

Some people call it a four-way crossover because it involves four shows; my ulcer requires me to call it a three-part crossover. The story that’s being told has a beginning, middle, and end: a beginning in Flash, a middle in Arrow, and an end in Legends. But Supergirl is very much a part of the whole thing, so we are crossing over four shows — four shows in three parts.

Four shows in three parts sounds to us like we get three extra episodes of Supergirl, basically!

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