Final Bracket

Melissa Benoist is Supergirl! DUH! We've heard your shouts of anger, we've heard your cheers of joy.  But we started this journey before we knew who was Supergirl and we aren't about to stop. Tell your friends, tell your family, the final battle in our fan-casting of Supergirl is going on now!

Between Wednesday and Today, our final four were:

  1. Clair Holt 48 votes | Melissa Benoist 64 votes
  2. Laura Vandervoort 30 votes | Amber Heard 34 votes

WHOA Double Upset!  HUGE.  Also, Melissa is still in the running, could we all end up fan-casting the real supergirl?  Only one way to find out! Vote below! Voting ends Monday at 12pm PST!

0044 bracket

When voting, we suggest listening to either of these songs: Final Countdown or Superman Theme

Did you expect these two to make it to the end?  Do you think Melissa would beat Claire without the official annoucement yesterday?  Let us know, comments below!

Voting closed. Thank you for participating.

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