Fans Cast Meghan Ory as Alex

Confetti falls from the ceiling and our intern runs over to pull on the rope that releases the balloon drop! Congratulations to Meghan Ory for being cast as Alex Danvers in 'Supergirl' (only in our Fan-Casting Challenge. THIS IS NOT NEWS).  You all voted over 680 times! Finally, only by ONE VOTE, Meghan Ory beats out Elizabeth Lail in the last few minutes of the contest for the role of Alex. So the fans have spoken, Meghan Ory is the right choice to play Alex in the new Supergirl show on CBS. 

Unfortunately, we don't know who will officially take on the role yet. As we reported two days ago, there is at least one new audition video out there showing another actress reading for the part.  That brings our total of officially known actresses to read for the part of Alex up to 4. Finally, with the recent revelation that production has been pushed back to March, we can't say that Alex's official casting announcement is imminent. But stay vigilant fans, and know that will continue to hunt down all news and rumors for you as fast as possible (perhaps faster than a speeding bullet). 

Fan-Casting for Alex is over.  Did your number one pick get cast?  Are you happy with how the fans voted? Are there any new fan-casting challenges you'd like us to do?  Let us know below.

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