Eve Torres Talks Maxima

Well we can't say that this is one of our usual sources for Supergirl news but we've learned that the news can come from anywhere! Our new Maxima, Eve Torres, talked to about what we can expect from Galactic Queen. Here are a few of the questions that stood out to us:

WWE, What can you tell us about Maxima?:

Anyone who reads the comics knows Maxima comes to Earth in search of a mate among the superhero population — specifically Superman. She’s denied by him and she becomes very angry and bitter. We’ll see how that history plays out in the show — every adaptation is a little bit different, but “Supergirl” does a great job with the source material.

WWE, Are you a fan of the show?:

I’ve been really impressed with “Supergirl.” It’s a great show because it’s appeals to DC Comics fans, staying true to the characters in spirit and costumes, and it also appeals to casual fans who enjoy good action, fun storylines and interesting characters. There’s something for everyone.

WWE, Are you a comic book fan?:

I am, especially the super-powered women. That’s one reason I really love “Supergirl.” It’s a great show for people to watch with their children — sons and daughters alike. It features strong female characters which is always something to appreciate.

Finally, Eve did let know that there is a chance that Maxima is going to be a recurring role which makes us very excited!

What do you think of Maxima joining the show? Do you think they'll mention Superman? Let us know in the comments below and the forum. Also support and keep us advertisement free by visiting our support page!

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